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 Deciding a race

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Deciding a race Empty
PostSubject: Deciding a race   Deciding a race Icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2007 1:45 pm

Well there are 9 classes to chose from. They are -
1. Hunters - Shooting,pet raising,traps and offensive range role.
2. Druids - Transforming, healing, ancient spells supportive role.
3. Rogues - Stealth, High damage output, stunning and of course lock picking =] Offensive role.
4. Priests - Shadow or light, healing or dark magic . Ultimate supportive role
5. Shaman - Strong mix of physical and magical powers , spells for healing and of course totems!! All-round role.
6. Warrior - Tanking slowing charging bull. Main role of tanking.
7. Mage - fire , ice or arcane powers of utter magic. Powerful offense and he has sheep stick Smile
8. Paladin - Holy fighters who heal and use seals. Can tank well and have auras. Defensive/supportive role.
9. Warlock - Demonic forces of might. Can summon minions and use curses. Damage over time spells. Fire , corruption and demon user. Supportive , Offensive role.

No one can tell u which class u should be but go with your instincts.. If u want to tank and fight close up go warrior or paladin. If u want to fight from the shadows and cause major damage but not be a tanker go rogue. IF u enjoy raising a animal and shooting your head off get hunter. If your a all rounder who enjoys totems and spells like chain lightning get Shaman. Warlock and mages if your a ranged magic assaulter. Druid if u like to change shape and cast healing and damaging spells . Priest for excellent support role. Place ur bet on wat u like and dont turn back Very Happy any questions post here.
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Deciding a race
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